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Semiconductor ICs are increasingly becoming denser with more functionality resulting in a more complex test environment, requiring more advanced test systems and capabilities. TFME provides a complete range of semiconductor testing services including wafer probe, strip testing, final testing and system level testing.
TFME provide customers with a full range of test platforms and engineering services to support a wide range of analog and mixed signal, automotive, Radio Frequency (RF), high-performance digital semiconductor devices, baseband and application specific integrated circuits. With the additional of TF-AMD, our test portfolio includes, CPU, GPU, gaming console and high performance networking products.
Our full turnkey solutions designed to be faster time to market, which include wafer bump services, probe, final test and post-test services delivering the lowest cost of test to our customers and faster time-to-market.
TFME advanced probe and inspection services supports known good die (KGD) binning, thin wafers, high volume devices with both soft dock and direct docking for sensitive devices.  

Available test platforms:

TFME utilizes MES system integrated with testers on the shop floor to enable real time yield analysis and performance monitoring to improve efficiencies with the goal of achieving highest 1st pass yield.


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